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“Heaven on Earth”
Duende As Art
Main Gallery

Artists From Stick's
Side Gallery

Exhibition Showing: October 6- November 15
Opening Reception: Thursday, October 8th
5:00pm to 7:00pm

The gallery and receptions are free and open to the public
Wine and appetizers will be served


Main Gallery:
Duende as Art is a collective group of three artists working together to a visual display of color, movement and the emotion of shared experiences. They moved into an Ankeny farm house in 2012, and began sharing our stories.  With three brushes and three artists they bring layers of color and movement onto a single canvas. Their exhibit titled Heaven & Earth represents Iowa life and a visual homecoming captured on canvas.

Resource for more information on Duende As Art


Side Gallery
Artists from the Sticks work hard to help in creating wonderful designs from nationally acclaimed artist Sarah Grant. So what do they do when they are not working at Stick? Well, that is a wonderful question. They are creating their art; Moonlighting.

The artists from Stick will be exhibiting their work of arts in a group exhibition rightly titled, “Moonlighting”.


Resource for more information on Sticks

About the Artists:

Main Gallery:
Katherine Rody: A remarkable communicator, Katherine conveys the art of listening, which is the heart of our artist collective.  She takes time to listen to the paintings, and is able to bridge cultures and imagery.  People often ask how we are able to paint together on one canvas.  Painters are usually solo operators.  Embracing the creative process together, means taking extra time to allow for personal expressions to find a way to merge into a collective expression, much like choreographing a dance.  Katherine's training in Flamenco dancing, inspired the name Duende.  The way she paints is reminiscent of some of the great action painters.  When Katherine isn't painting, she's traveling the globe and sharing stories, which then again weave their way into our ever emerging paintings.

Angela Meijer: Trained as a fine art photographer, Angela developed her visual language, painting with light.  For over 20 years, she has explored making the unseen world, visible.  Twelve years ago, Angela invested in some canvases, brushes and a set of acrylic paints.  Angela was captivated with the immediacy of mark making and the ability to work in layers, that acrylics allow.  She's a firm believer that anyone can learn art techniques, but great art comes from having a story to tell.

Adriaan Meijer: Watching Adriaan paint, is like watching Bob Ross.  He makes complicated nuances look like a happy afterthought.  His eye for composition and balance brings visual depth to the paintings.  His ability to see what can take a painting to the next level and "out of the box" color combinations keep Katherine and Angela on their toes.  Adriaan travels the world as a field engineer, and likes to play piano and harmonica.


Side Gallery:

Jeff Hutchison: I've always been fascinated with all types of photography. Architecture, rural, black and white, symmetrical, portraits, etc. both in Film and Digital. 

Madeline Mitchell: There is such an elegant, complex, and delicate beauty to flowers, a type of beauty that I think people easily overlook. If one takes the time to explore the intricacies of the flower, every crease, curve, and marking of the up-close body of the flower, one would discover the sense of beauty that inspires my work.
Through various printmaking and photo processes, I aim to create work that conveys the true qualities that draw me to this sensual and organic subject. By zooming into the flower, I feel more of a connection with its form, and it enables me to abstract it in a way that most people would not see. Within my work, flowing compositions, dramatic play of light and shadow, and balance between abstraction and photorealism are all keys in accentuating the true beauty in this infinite and natural form.

Julie VandeBerg : Julie VandeBerg was born in Iowa. She completed the graphic arts program at Des Moines Area Community College. After a few jobs in the graphic design world, VandeBerg discovered that a more hands on approach to art was her true calling. She has worked for Sticks Furniture Company as a painter for 15 years. This creative atmosphere of being surrounded by many talented artists nurtures VandeBerg’s love for art.
In her personal works, she uses mixed media including acrylic, spray paint, charcoal, markers and much more. Julie is influenced by nature, graffiti, modern art and anything in daily life.  She paints on many different surfaces, by has a preference for wood or Masonite boards. VandeBerg uses a lot of color, humor and light hearted subject matters to convey a fun mood in her work.

Ericca Davis b.1976
Education- Grand View University, BA, 2001
Sticks artist 18+ years
Proudly raising a teenage son, The Amazing Theo Bionic
Everything I own is marked with paint
Influenced by Surrealism and Regionalism
Inspired by automatic visions in woodgrain

Tanya Lichinsky: Tanya was born and raised in Kamanets-Podil'skiy, Ukraine. Her family immigrated from Chisinau, Moldova to the United States in 1991. Tanya is a classically trained artist that was taught fine-arts skills at the Repin Republican Art School.
She has been drawing and painting since the early childhood. Creation has become her necessity, where any medium, be it watercolors, acrylic, oil or pencil, is utilized. Her muse can be exotic; but it can also be anything from everyday life, or even something out of a negative space that looks interesting. She has done work in illustrations, murals, faux finishing and in portraiture. As an artist, she feels a strong need for sharing her views and passions with an audience and have grown her audience through connecting online.

Shawn Wolter: Currently Shawn Wolter lives in Grimes, IA. He graduated from UNI in 1997 with a Studio Art degree. He began working at Sticks in April of 2000. His work is categorized as 2D Mixed Media utilizing such things as airbrush, wood stains, acrylic paints, drawing, glues, molding pastes, spray paints, string, cassette tape, collaged canvas and paper pieces over stretched canvas and Masonite board. Shawn has been selling his work professionally for almost 14 years. Mainly at Fine Art Fairs across the Midwest.

Michelle Mitchell-Lamb
My love of art and creating came at an early age and lead me into the field of drawing and painting. A Des Moines native, I attended Grandview College where I studied fine art and graphic design. It was from here that I became a painter and Art Director at Sticks, where I have worked for 17 years.
As a fine art painter I am inspired by Monet and Hopper and the landscapes that celebrate the beauty in the unseen. I take the imagery of a landscape and find the hidden life in the mundane landscape. My paintings have an emotional component, and my intention is for the viewer to feel this as well. The story in the landscape becomes personal to each individual.
I paint in acrylics on canvas, paper, and gesso board as well as mixed media. As a founding member of the local Paint Pushers group, I am active in local art shows, as well as private collections.

Courtney Work; As a fine artist in drawing and painting, I am drawn to the figure in its many forms. I work in charcoal, graphite and acrylic paints, often combing the three. I like to take the movement of the figure and represent it in its fluid forms, combining the emotional element in an abstract genre. I would consider myself a colorist, as I enjoy picking color that adds to the desired mood of the piece.
I am a native of Des Moines and graduated from Iowa State University with a Bachelors of Fine Art in Drawing , Painting and Printmaking. I have been with Sticks for seven years in the roles of sales and project management for our Installations work across the country.
In addition to Sticks, I currently own and operate jetWorks, a fine art printmaking company designed to facilitate working artists a unique way to reproduce original works for sale. You can get information about jetWorks at

Other Artists include: Amy Putney Koenig, Rachel Horn and more. A display of Sarah Grants work will be exhibited in the side gallery alcove.


he Ankeny Art Center is located in a city park at SW Third and State Front Road.  Gallery hours are Tuesday and Wednesday 9 am to 1 pm, Thursday 4 pm to 7 pm, Friday 9am to 1pm and Saturday 9 am to noon.  The Center is closed Sunday and Monday. 





Upcoming Exhibitions

August 4 -September 30,
Shauna Humrich-" Buildings, Bridges & Sculpture"
Amy Witte"Word-Play"
Opening Reception: August 6th, 5-7pm

October 6 –November 25,
Duende As Art
"Moonlighting"-Sticks Artists
Opening Reception: October 8, 5-7pm

Members show (Photography)
Drop off: November 3 – November 25
Exhibit Date: December 8- January 27
Reception: Thursday, December 10, 5pm-7pm
Pick Up: January 30– February 13





Calling alll artists-

If you are an aritst intrested in exhibiting in one of our gallery please view our gallery submission information Here.

For submission questions or more information about our gallery please contact:

Christina Catron: 515-965-0940,

December 1st, Dead line for 2016 gallery exhibit year..